Previous rock climber for the French national team “Espoir”, I began with Adventure Races in 2000 on both national and international races, before I started to focus on Trail-Running and Ultra Trail-Running.

In 2016-2017, I discover a brand new rising sport, Swimrun and devote myself to the national and international circuits, managing to finish with good results with my female partner.

I am a member of the World Team and an ambassador of the brand Vivobarfoot and Baouw organic nutrition, and finally the founder of the company Swimrun Camps&Treks in France and Europe.

My commitment is full in this sport, which is actually more than a sport but a state of mind based on fundamental values: Effort, Sharing, Respect of Human being and Nature.

A year ago, I met Dr Patrick Basset because of an atypical pneumonia, most probably due to over-training and too many competitions that exhausted me. The body is a wonderful machine, as a nurse myself, I love to protect it but also need to know more. When we started talking about Swimrun and my professional and sports projects, we very quickly got to talk about the foundation.

My project of Ultra Swimrun through the Alpes opens the way to Ultra Endurance in this discipline. I support Ultra Sports Science for its capacity to conduct research and protect athletes while being in full respect of ethics.