Corporate Support

What the Ultra Sports Science Foundation can offer:

  • A respectable image within the ultra-endurance sports community (5 million people).
  • Scientific experts to assist with your advertising campaigns.
  • Scientific results delivering clear and strong messages about runner health.
  • Tax benefits in the United States and France.

How you can help:

  • Donate

Any donation may qualify for a tax benefit if you represent an American or French corporation.

  • Support specific research studies of interest to you

If you have specific research questions you would like to have addressed, the Foundation is in a good position to contract such work or solicit competitive grant proposals though out research funding program.

  • Support our educational programs

If you would like to support our educational mission, then this is an area we could always use some additional resources.  You may consider being an underwriter of our annual Congress, podcasts or medical education videos.

  • Support our Health Policy and QUARTZ Program

Be part of the ITRA health policy program, implemented by Athlete for Transparency (AFT).  See here for details.


Please contact us to discuss possible ways you can support our missions.