An ever-increasing number of sporting exploits serve to drive individuals to explore and surpass the usual limits and capabilities.

The willingness to study these extreme sports makes it possible to better understand the body’s resilience and weaknesses, and has enabled us to enhance knowledge specifically related to these activities as well as for general health. Thanks to Marty Hoffman for coordinating various teams of clinicians and scientists across the world to produce much of the recent expansion in knowledge related to the unique aspects of outdoor running.

From these efforts came the idea to expand the opportunities through the development of this Foundation focused on the enhancement of knowledge and medical care for those participating in  ultra-endurance activities.

Who we are

We are the founders of Ultra Sports Science: Marty Hoffman, Volker Scheer and Patrick Basset.

All three doctors and/or researchers in 3 countries: USA, Germany and France.

We are three men who are passionate about sport, challenges and the extreme. Each one of us is a professional in our own specific domain with one common objective: to help sportsmen and sportswomen avoid serious illnesses, improve their performances and provide safety in performance.

We met each other after facing the same problems: pathologies induced by trail running.