Race Director Support

Race Directors – Want to help the Ultra Sports Science Foundation?

If you value what the Ultra Sports Science Foundation does, please consider helping.  And we want to make it easy for you to do so. Here are a few options that can be easy and do not involve a high cost to you.

  • Health race/event:  When paying the entry fees for your event, the athlete is given the opportunity to donate an amount of their choice to the Foundation.
  • Health bibs/inscription:  For events that sell out, the race director allows the Foundation to sell one or more extra entries at a higher price than the usual entry charge.
  • Health miles:  The race director accepts to donate a very small amount per mile or km for each runner in their event.
  • Crowdfunding:  You can also be a participant in our crowdfunding campaigns by sharing the link to our crowdfunding campaigns with your athlete database. For example, the Foundation has launched a crowdfunding campaign to finance a research study about exercise-associated muscle cramping.  Your promotion of this crowfunding campaign could help us get the funding necessary to carry out such important research.

The Ultra Sports Science Foundation has 501(c)(3) approval in the United States and non-profit status has also been established in France allowing for potential tax benefits from your donations.

Please contact us to discuss possible ways you can help at contact@ultrasportsscience.org