Quartz Project

The program «QUARTZ» is unique in that it monitors the health of athletes, and is also capable of detecting not only possible pathologies but also abnormal profiles related to doping.

The program «QUARTZ» has neither the vocation, nor the competence, to substitute itself for the regulations in force concerning the anti-doping fight; however its application on a voluntary basis can lead to excluding an athlete from a competition for health reasons.

Who is the program «QUARTZ» aimed at?

The program «QUARTZ» is based on the volunteering of the athlete. It is aimed especially to elite athletes with ITRA performance index above 850 for men and 750 for women.

For budgetary reasons, the «QUARTZ» program, at its official launch on Avril 1st 2016, will only be able to handle 20 Male and 20 Female athletes. Priority will be given to the Top 3 Men and Women ITRA athletes of the 4 categories <42 / L / M / XL and the overall ranking if they are volunteering to follow the program “QUARTZ”. The “QUARTZ” program is completely free for athletes.

What is the nature and duration of the «QUARTZ» program?

The program «QUARTZ» is a pilot study based on the volunteering of athletes.

This pilot study aims to study the feasibility and possibility of configuring the terms of the ITRA’s future health policy concerning elite athletes, who wish to participate in an ITRA member event.

The official launch of the program «QUARTZ» is planned for April 1st 2016 and will end on October 29th 2016, date of the World trail-running Championships.

What is the ITRA’s role in setting up the «QUARTZ» program?

The ITRA aims to develop and promote trail-running as a full sport and in particular to promote prevention initiatives concerning matters of health.

The ITRA is, therefore, the general coordinator of the «QUARTZ» program.

What is the link between the program «QUARTZ» and the anti-doping fight?

The program «QUARTZ» has neither the vocation nor the competence to substitute itself for the regulations in force concerning the anti-doping fight.

All use of drugs can be the origin of abnormal analysis results and lead to an athlete being excluded from competition on medical grounds.

Nevertheless, this exclusion from competition has no direct link with any procedure in connection with the application of the existing regulations regarding the anti-doping fight.

What are the obligations that willing athletes should respect, when entering the «QUARTZ» program?

Obligations include numerous points which already exist on the ITRA’s health pages.


An important evolution is that samples are no longer only realised by the ITRA during competitions, they can also be realised by the athletes themselves, in a medical analysis laboratory of their choice, near home or elsewhere, upon the ITRA’s request within a given time scale.


In summary, the obligations for the athlete can be summed up by the following actions:

⁃ An obligation to state the name of their personal doctor and trainer if they have one

⁃ An obligation to declare their location (country/town) and their competition program

⁃ An obligation to declare their Therapeutic Usage Exemptions (TUE)

⁃ An obligation to declare any medication being used

⁃ An obligation to agree to give any blood, capillary or urine samples, requested by the ITRA, for analysis.

All supervision and management of the program «QUARTZ» is made by internet. The cost of the program «QUARTZ» is totally covered by the ITRA.

Any lack of one of these obligations can eventually lead to an athlete being excluded from competition.

It should be noted that an athlete is free to leave the program «QUARTZ» at any time; without being able to be reinstated afterwards.