Athlete Support

Why support the Ultra Sports Science Foundation?

  • We organize and support the science that answers your health and performance-related questions.
  • We make the science available in an understandable format.
  • We enhance the knowledge of medical providers at ultra-endurance events, making your participation safer.
  • We offer a tax benefit in the United States and France.

How you can help:

  • Donate

If you value our research, athlete education series, or medical training videos, then please support us with a donation.  Donate here

  • Purchase a Health Bib

Is a race sold-out, and you didn’t manage to secure an entry?  It may not be too late.  Some race organizers are making a few entries available as “Health Bibs” to support our programs.  By making a donation to our foundation, you can get access to one of these entries.

These races already support us.  Feel free to let the organizer of your favorite race know about this program!